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We develop ‘custom’ solutions that have established proficiencies in improving your plans for business agility. Our ‘custom software’ ensureslong term savings and success. Highly flexible open source models permits software developers to scratch and scrub the program code. We tailor existing software portal with required extensions, widgets, features that cater to our client’s needs.

Our clients can happily avoid squeezing timeslots for all upgrade versions and licensing regulations. Our team runs around and finishes all these small tasks for them and sending proactive updates for their perusal. We first sit with our client to take their exact requirements for the software, and then meet up to show the design plans - entire workflow structure. Only after the design is approved, we contract for the full amount of the software and start development. Our testing engineer conducts several tests on completed modules and then sits with the client while they test their software before its deployed and hosted in the LIVE environment. Consult your software development project with Pragnya Software Solutions now.

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